Primer: Understanding Each Other

The Background

At the most basic level, service agreements are contracts that are negotiated between two parties. But in the case of service agreements between two governments that represent different communities with unique cultures, identities, and visions for the future, these negotiations can be layered and complex.

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A Municipal Perspective

There are many challenges that come along with providing services to communities. While each community is unique, there are some challenges that are shared across First Nations in the province and even the country. In delivering services, First Nation...

Ins and Outs of Legal Review

MTSAs are legal documents. A lawyer is very helpful in the MTSA process. Their role is to ensure that what is in the MTSA is legally sound—meaning that it is consistent and clearly lays out the roles and responsibilities of each service partner, and the...

Developing a Communication Clause

A strong MTSA has a solid communications clause. But, what does this look like? What are the benefits? What are the potential pitfalls? This blog post will help answer these questions. What is a communication clause and why do you need one? A communication clause...