Cost Calculator

An interactive excel-based cost calculator is available from AANDC. The image below illustrates the cost calculator for water services. The cost calculator also includes sewer, fire protection, and bundled services.
The cost calculator tool presents some information about the costs of service provision and the determination of rates for Service Agreements with municipalities. It encourages an open and transparent discussion with the municipality about how the rate is determined and what costs are included.

How to Use

The cost calculator requires the user to identify and input the following values:

  • Municipal water rates
  • Service Agreement rates
  • Number of member homes
  • Number of non-member homes

The calculator will then provide some estimates to answer the following questions:
1. About how much might a municipal residential customer pay for water per month?
2. About how much might the monthly water rate be for a residential customer on reserve?
3. About how much will our annual bill be for providing water services to residences?
4. About how much funding are we eligible to receive from AANDC?
5. About how much will we need to fund through other sources of revenue?

Click on the Xcel icon below to download the calculator.


The calculator is for discussion purposes only, and is meant to encourage First Nations to discuss with their service provider how their rate compares to municipal rates, and develop a greater understanding of what is included in the rate. This calculator is NOT intended to provide an accurate calculation of rates. Rates may differ for valid reasons.