Other Resources

There are other great resources that have been developed that provide additional information about service delivery and service agreements. Specific sections of these documents will be referenced throughout the guide.

UBCM report on strengthening local government-First Nation partnerships

Pathways4Service-UBCMBC First Nations and local governments embark on partnerships for a diverse range of goals, not just municipal type service agreements. Check out “Local Government-First Nation Partnerships: Forging strong relationships among municipal regional and First Nation governments in British Columbia”. This document provides a wealth of information on partnerships, including case studies from across BC. Read the full document here

Service Agreement Toolkit, FCM (CIPP)

CIPP_Toolkit_EN-1A document developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) through the Community Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP). Available at www.fcm.ca.

Comprehensive Community Planning Handbook, AANDC

CCPHB_2013This document was developed by AANDC to support First Nations in British Columbia with developing and implementing community plans. Available at www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca

BC Service Agreement Primer, FCM (CIPP)

Developed by FCM and AANDC through the CIPP, this is a companion document to the Service Agreement Toolkit, that includes considerations specific to communities in British Columbia. Available at www.fcm.ca

Joint Community Sustainability Planning (CSP) Primer, FCM (CIPP)

Developed by FCM and AANDC through the CIPP, this document identifies an approach to joint community planning for First Nations and Municipalities. Available at www.fcm.ca

CivicInfo BC

Civicinfo-BCCivicInfo BC is an information service that promotes free and open exchange of local government information. The website www.civicinfo.bc.ca links to information and a document library of municipal service agreements and relationship protocol agreements between First Nations and Local Governments.