There are many challenges that come along with providing services to communities. While each community is unique, there are some challenges that are shared across First Nations in the province and even the country. In delivering services, First Nation governments use and share different types of resources that help them accomplish community goals. You may use resources from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to prepare your Comprehensive Community Plan, or the resources on this website to prepare your MTSA.

Like many First Nation governments in BC, you may work with your municipal neighbours to deliver services or for other goals, such as economic development. Your partner municipalities also use different types of support and resources to do their work. This blog post provides a quick overview of three organizations that advocate for and support municipalities in their work: Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM), Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), and CivicInfo BC. These organizations provide forums for municipalities to discuss governance and service delivery challenges and solutions. They also provide resources to help municipalities accomplish their goals.


UBCM is the voice of municipalities in BC. This organization advocates on behalf of municipalities to the Province, administers senior government funding for different projects, and provides research on challenges facing municipalities.

UBCM spearheads the Community to Community (C2C) Forum, an annual program bringing together First Nations and local governments from across BC. Through the C2C Forum, partners can discuss actions that they can take together on common goals. In addition to the C2C Forum, UBCM offers other opportunities to its member to support the goals of reconciliation. These include Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops and Indigenous Cultural Safety Training. More information can be found here.


FCM advocates for municipalities at the national scale. It also administers funding for a variety of municipal projects, such as asset management, sustainability planning, and action on climate change. FCM offers resources to support municipalities in their work, such as research, guidebooks, and webinars.

FCM also offers funding for partnerships between First Nations and municipalities on infrastructure and economic development.

CivicInfo BC

CivicInfo BC is an information hub for BC local governments to find out about news, events and training opportunities, bids and tenders, and resources. It also provides a directory of government contacts, including First Nations, municipalities, and regional districts.

If you and your municipal neighbour have a shared goal and need resources or funding support, it is helpful to look to the different organizations that support both First Nations and municipalities.