MTSA Checklists

The MTSA Checklists were designed to be used in conjunction with the MTSA Handbooks to help service partners develop their Municipal Type Service Agreements. Each section of an MTSA Checklist corresponds to the same section in the MTSA Handbook for each service. Once an MTSA Checklist is complete, it can be used to prepare the agreement itself, with support from a lawyer.

Click on the links below to download the MTSA Checklist that suits your needs.


Using The Cost Calculator

Preparing to negotiate a service agreement with your neighbouring community can seem like an intimidating task for any First Nation. You may have read in a previous blog post, ‘Knowing Your Municipal Service Needs…And What’s Possible’, that the best place to start is...

Top 10 Tips for Negotiating a Service Agreement

Life is in essence a series of negotiations. A daily activity that many of us don’t even realize we are doing. And yet, when formally labelled as a “negotiation”, the act can still incite anxiety and discomfort. Negotiation is essentially a dialogue between two...